My latest Post.

This view,this beauty
A tear unbidden
Creeps into my eye.

My stay is short
But I shall return to this place
If only my life is long enough.

Such beauty
Gazing upon it
I hope my years are many.

Bokusui Wakayama.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn in Japan.

Autumn Colors along the
Biwako Canal.
    Or, more precisely, the colors of Autumn. I remember my first experience of the Autumn colors in Japan. It was 2003 and my wife and I were here on holiday. It was the Eastern hills surrounding Kyoto City, the ones with Daimonjiyama and Fushimi-Inari on them, and we were on a hiking expedition with my family-in-law. And, to this day 8-years later, the sight still impresses me.
       This post will be images taken over the seven-years of living in Japan.
Yours Truly
Kyotango,Kyoto Prefecture.
Katsuragawa River
Kyotango is an area in the north of Kyoto Prefecture on the Japan Sea coast. Map.
The Katsuragawa River runs through the very-popular tourist destination of Arashiyama. But it's not just the Autumn colors that are abound here, the Sakura are also a spectacle to see/experience.Map.
Hydrangea Flowers

 During my research for my "Everytrail Guide" -
Canal Boat
Takasegawa Canal.
"Chushojima - the Sake Capitol of Japan" - I was fortunate to have visited when there were plenty of colors.
Choken-ji Temple Gate.
Chushojima is a lovely spot to visit which should include a tour of one of the many Sake Breweries. Then,what better way to enjoy that bottle you purchased, with a cruise on the Takasegawa Canal on one of the many canal boats.
 Directly opposite your boarding-point, is the Choken-ji Temple with it's red earthen walls surrounding the complex.Map.
Jizo-in Temple.

Just up the road, or rail-line, from Chushojima, is Uji City, one of my favorite cities in Japan.
Not too touristy, but popular none-the-less.The city was made famous by the novel "The Tale of Genji" where the final chapters are set.
Mountain Road.

Autumn Colors
   Now for something completely different.The above three-images are from a weekend I spent mountain-biking with four others in Shiga Prefecture ("Weekend in Shiga). It was very difficult to concentrate with all the magnificent scenery about but, with some gentle persuasion, I managed. Not only were the colors and scenery a delight to the eye, but the wildlife were something to behold too - wild monkeys, beers and deer.

On the pond
Kaga-Onsen (Map) is set amongst the mountains bordering Ishikawa and Gifu Prefectures. The area is abound with many Onsen, which makes it popular with those wanting to escape the hassles of city life, or whatever, and come and soak-away their troubles. My Wife and I came here for a weekend and found it a delightful wee town with some great scenery. 
Konzo-ji Temple.

You like isolated places?
Gardens, Konzo-ji temple.
Well, if you do, then check the Map. The area is popular with the outdoor enthusiast, like yours truly. I like places like this, especially if I am on foot or bike, as access is through forest and there many options how to get to-and-from here.

Banpakukinenkoen, or the "Osaka Expo Commemoration Park", was created in 1970 to house the "Worlds Fair". Today, the 264ha grounds are used for recreational and educational purposes, with ample lawn and forest for people to picnic, exercise and relax in. Access to the park is via the "Osaka Monorail" which, for those who haven't ridden on train of this type, can be quite an experience. Map.
Gate, entrance
Kontai-ji Temple.
Kontai-ji Temple (Map) is worth a visit at any time of year. If visiting this complex, don't be in a hurry. There is plenty to see. Also many tracks in the area.

   Well I think that just about covers "Autumn in Japan". I will sign-off with one last image that encapsulates all that is Japan, two Maiko amongst the Autumn foliage in Kyoto.

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